Brisbane Trauma Informed Practitioners

I am a psychologist with thirty-four years of experience in clinical work and facilitating training, coaching and supervision. I have consulted extensively across corporate, government and community-based settings to develop leadership and management skills, particularly specializing in building positive workplace cultures and managing conflict effectively. Since 1985 I have worked as a therapist with individuals, couples, and families in a range of contexts, including education, health, and tertiary organizations.
I draw from a range of approaches, informed by the belief that different people respond positively to different approaches and there is no such thing as one size fits all. Having said that I utilize a range of trauma-informed therapeutic approaches which combine somatic processing, inner child work, family systems and polyvagal theory and therapy, Gestalt therapy and transactional analysis. I feel that is very important to work with trauma experientially, utilizing our body, mind, and emotion to shift what gets locked in through unprocessed trauma. I use other trauma informed approaches like EMDR, Hypnosis and EFT, as well as healing informed yoga and other creative processes. The essence of effective therapy is safety and trust in the therapeutic relationship which enables a person to access their own skills and wisdom, and the support of the therapist to heal trauma.

I have a commitment to exploring issues of gender, sexuality, neurodivergence, race, and culture where they contribute to people’s struggle in the world and believes it is important to work with the WHOLE person as an emotional, intellectual, sexual, physical, and spiritual being. A holistic approach is particularly important in a fast-paced world where people learn to live in their heads.

Helen Sheehy B.A. Dip. Ed. M.A. (Counselling)