Brisbane Trauma Informed Practitioners

I am an accredited clinical and mental health social worker providing therapeutic services to young people and adults, and professional supervision and consultancy services to others in the welfare sector. I am also an accredited meditation teacher and I teach a range of mindfulness meditation courses online.  You can find out more details about my mindfulness based stillness meditation courses at my web site, Meditating Space. 

In all the different facets of my work, my aim is the same – to create a safe, secure, kind and respectful space for people to process whatever feels most important to them, be that therapeutic work or professional supervision. I value all the relationships that I form with clients and I believe that our relationships with each other as human beings are one of the most important ways that we can facilitate change. I have trained in many different modalities and all can be helpful in this work, however the most important thing is that you feel safe and secure with the person you are working with. This means that you are in control of the process and the space we create together is free from judgement. This is your time to process whatever is most important to you. I believe that each of us has the answers to our own questions and with support we can find our way to a more peaceful life.

I feel passionately about social justice and the importance of creating a more peaceful and equitable world for everyone. I am actively involved in writing, teaching and advocating for social change and justice. 

Jenny Gilmore Bachelor of Social Work (Hons); PhD (Univ of Qld); MAASW (Acc); MACSW (Clinical Division)

Not currently accepting new referrals for counselling.