Brisbane Trauma Informed Practitioners

Dr Diane Harner

I am a registered counsellor in private practice based in Newmarket, Queensland. I hold a PhD in Neuroscience and a Masters in Counselling. My therapeutic approach is trauma-informed and based in neuroscience with a focus on understanding how our experience is created by our brain-body connection.

I work with adults and adolescents across a range of areas, including anxiety, depression, trauma, grief and loss, and relationship issues. I have a special interest in supporting the relationship between parents and adolescents throughout the teenage years.

I also focus on providing diagnosis support for those experiencing neurological dysfunction because of a neurological disorder or injury. I believe that knowledge is empowering. Understanding what is happening in your body and mind gives you more control over the choices you make and the way you move forward.

My aim is to create a calm and supportive therapeutic space where all emotions are welcome, and clients can have the safety to explore their thoughts and feelings and find comfort and healing.

For more information and to make a booking, please visit my website.