Brisbane Trauma Informed Practitioners

Yvonne Olsen

 I am an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker with undergraduate and Master of Counselling qualifications and have over twenty years of experience working with families, young people, and adults in both community and government settings. I am also a certified bereavement practitioner with the Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement, and a trained EMDR practitioner and member of EMDRAA. 

Satori Counselling Services offers counselling and professional supervision in a tranquil, secluded environment overlooking a lush, private garden. 

I believe in deeply listening to the truth people hold about themselves, and what it is they would like to be different. Together we will explore whatever issue you bring into the room, with the understanding that you have complete control of the content and what you wish to share. Comfort, felt safety, and trust is always considered to be the most important part of the therapy, which is person centred and trauma focused.

Modalities can include meditation and mindfulness, arts-based therapy, psychoeducation, EMDR and/or IFS, process work, narrative, solutions focus, and motivational interviewing. 

Telehealth options are also available with research identifying they can be as effective as face-to-face counselling. 

 In Japanese Zen Buddhism Satori has been described as a sudden moment of awakening or realisation, an acquiring of a new point of view in our dealings with life and the world and seeing into one’s nature. Linked to the experience of Kensho, or knowing one’s true self, Satori is directly linked with the Buddhist path to enlightenment. 

(Satori, Buddhist Awakening, http://www.yeah 

The sign in the logo is the Ensō (円相) – a Japanese word meaning “circle”, and a concept strongly associated with Zen. The Ensō has also been called the Circle of Enlightenment, or the Infinity Circle. Its fluid elegance inspires a sense of peace and wholeness symbolising a moment when ‘the mind is free to simply be.’